Great Lakes Science Center’s Garrett Morgan Professionals Group (“GMPG”) was created to inspire professionals in the business community to support the mission of Great Lakes Science Center (“GLSC”) and act as ambassadors, advocating in the community for the organization.

Members of this prestigious group will assist GLSC in fulfilling its mission by providing powerful, seasoned guidance and expertise. Group members can become participants and invite others to participate in our events and initiatives and engaging new relationships. 

GMPG members are asked to draw upon their professional and business experience to provide vision that will affect the future of GLSC, helping it to sustain its prominent role in engendering appreciation for and the education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as well as propelling GLSC to new levels of excellence. Members have a passionate interest in the mission of GLSC, a keen desire to see it thrive, and a commitment to advocate on its behalf.

Contact Greg Renkas at (216) 696-3373 or RenkasG@glsc.org

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive access for members and their families to GLSC events and programming;
  • Name recognition on GLSC website and annually in GLSC’s Annual Report;
  • Invited to autumn and spring GMPG gatherings.

Member Commitment

  • Become a knowledgeable and informed advocate of GLSC and become familiar with its staff and her/his areas of focus.
  • Offer constructive ideas and a sophisticated vision.
  • Act as a resource to leadership and development staff.
  • Participate actively in group meetings. 
  • Act as an ambassador for GLSC throughout the year in the community at large.
  • Identify potential partners/donors within their community.
  • Communicate the strengths and opportunities of GLSC to outside parties.
  • Seek opportunities to help the business development of GLSC by referring people to visit or become a Member of GLSC.
  • Solve problems that occur and intercept criticism.
  • Bring information and ideas from outside sources. 
  • Benchmark GLSC against other organizations and help improve its performance.
  • Give financial support and seek it from others. 


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Garrett A. Morgan, Sr.


Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. was a renowned Cleveland inventor, machinist and community leader and was granted a number of U.S. patents.  He is credited with inventing a number of sewing machines, various hair-straightening products and the modern three-way traffic signal.  Morgan was the first African American in Cleveland to own an automobile.

In 1916 Morgan was the subject of a newspaper expose for his heroic rescue of workers trapped within a water intake tunnel, 50 feet beneath Lake Erie. Garrett performed his rescue using a hood fashioned to protect his eyes from smoke and featuring a series of air tubes that hung near the ground to draw clean air beneath the rising smoke.